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Puretec clean room air conditioning and isolator systems boast the highest standard of performance in the world and are found in a multitude of settings, including at pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical device makers, food processors, hospitals, precision instrument producers, and electronic component manufacturers. Our staff offers a wealth of experience and expertise which is used to develop made-to-order space solutions tailored to customer needs.

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Isolator system

Barrier system under complete laminar flow. We plan, design and construct in consideration of every need including positive pressure, negative pressure, etc.


With an intermediate structure between isolator and laminar, the contamination risk is less than lamina and the cost is less expensive than isolator.

Laminar flow system

Ideal clean air system using CG, boasting the highest-level laminar nature with excellent wind speed distribution.

Clean bench

Custom design is available upon request, including the inside environment, dimension of a main body, material of a main body, etc.

Clean room

A clean room taking account of the environment and energy saving is designed and constructed.

Dry heat sterilizer

Highly reliable equipment that guarantees secure sterilization and dryness.

Air shower

The dimension of a main body, method of operation, various options, etc. are designed upon request.

Validation service

Various validation services to meet standards like C-GMP, EU-GMP, PIC/S, etc. are provided according to the newest information.


From consultation about a possible drop in performance
to requesting periodic check-ups every few years after installation,
please do not hesitate to contact us about your maintenance-related issues.

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