Air Solution Technology

Puretec is company which specializes in commercial ventilation, air conditioning and dust collection. We have had many years of experience meeting the exacting needs of textile and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. In addition to these areas, we now also apply our wealth of accumulated technology and expertise in a variety of other fields. We propose technological solutions which ensure optimal control of a variety of work environments. From comprehensive engineering, which encompasses initial planning through to design, production and installation, to remodeling, expansion, etc., of existing plants and facilities, we are able to flexibly accommodate our customers’ needs.

Ideal for...

Main environmental improvement elements

HeatHigh temperature measure

  • Work area around the corrugator
  • Work area around the flexo and other processors
  • Work area around the paper machine

DustPaper dust measure / positive pressurization measure for protection from insects

  • Paper dust filter at the slitter part
  • Cyclone exhaust filter for a baler to collect paper dust
  • Automatic filter with positive-pressure air supply

NoiseNoise pollution measure / Paper dust measure

  • Sound insulation / Soundproofing
  • Sound deadening at air supply / exhaust holes
  • Enclosure of noisy machinery
  • Positive pressurization measures for protection from insects
  • High temperature measures
  • Air conditioning and dust collection
  • Paper dust measures
  • Contaminant prevention
  • Air flow control
  • Other products
  • Introduction process

Product information

Dust collection system

  • LDF (rotary air filter) drum type
  • APF (automatic panel filter) cell type
  • RPF (rotary pre-filter) disk type

Positive pressurization system

  • Positive pressurization unit for protection from insects

Temperature/humidity regulation system

  • Air washer type air-conditioning system
  • Spot cooling system

Air flow control system

  • Air flow control system for the spunbond manufacturing process
  • Floor master (Outlet for displacement ventilation)


From consultation about a possible drop in performance
to requesting periodic check-ups every few years after installation,
please do not hesitate to contact us about your maintenance-related issues.

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