CaseCase examples

Case 1Office building interior

not only with the increased comfort
but also with the color coordination

Installation site: Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo

Installation date: October 2021
Product used: SHARE SPOT

Reason for installation

Keep smoke isolated to one area within the office. Product installed to provide a convenient smoking environment in an office with a lot of smokers.

User’s Voice

There is almost no smell of tobacco outside of the unit, and it is convenient to use. We are also satisfied with the unit’s design appearance and coloring, which match with the office interior.

Case 2Research facility interior

Clean and neat without any distracting noise

Installation site: Koto Ward, Tokyo

Installation date: June 2020
Product used: SHARE SPOT

Reason for installation

Provide a smoking area for visitors. As only outside ashtrays were previously available, this unit was installed to increase customer satisfaction.

User’s Voice

Absolutely no tobacco odor, and no distracting noise. The white design gives the unit a clean and neat appearance.

Case 3Office consultation space

Well-received by even nonsmoker employees

Installation site: Minami Ward, Fukuoka Prefecture

Installation date: November 2020
Product used: SHARE SPOT SMART

Reason for installation

Provide a smoking area for employees and visitors.

User’s Voice

The fact that the unit emits no tobacco odor is great. Even nonsmoker employees like it.

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