Corporate philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

We will think flexibly and work diligently to provide the products and services that the world and our customers demand, and we will be of benefit to society through the new products we develop and the product improvements we make.
Together with this, we will pursue the happiness and wellbeing of our employees as well as all other stakeholders, aiming to achieve a sustainable society with good common sense.

Management Philosophy

Clean air, Clean business. A company of integrity and honesty working to provide clean air.

We deliver high-quality clean systems made possible by ultratrace gas removal technology, sterile environment creation technology, and working environment-improving air-conditioning technology.

To provide all of this with seriousness and sincerity, that is the Puretec mission.

Quality policy

To keep providing better solutions,

Puretec Co., Ltd. established a quality policy and is making efforts to improve quality of products as well as of every corporate activity. We always take actions from customers’ point of view and provide the most suitable solutions to customers’ problems.

  1. 1. Customer satisfaction
    Provide quality and services satisfactory to customers.
  2. 2. Responsibility and standardization
    Clarify the responsibility and authority of the organization and standardize the business.
  3. 3. Research and development
    Develop products to meet customer needs.

ISO9001 certified in 2015 (Headquarters, Tokyo Office, Laboratory, Yokkaichi Factory, Kumamoto Factory)

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