Site policy

This website (“Site”) is operated for the purpose of disclosing the business, corporate information, etc. of Puretec Co., Ltd. (“Company”). We ask our customers who view the Site to understand various precautions described in the following.

Handling of personal information

  1. 1. Collection, utilization, and provision of personal information
    Upon collection of personal information, the Company shall properly handle it by clarifying the purpose of collection to customers and limiting the use of personal information.
  2. 2. Respect for the rights
    The Company respects individual’s rights to personal information, and shall handle accordingly if disclosure, correction, or deletion of individual’s own information is requested.
  3. 3. Implementation of safety measures
    The Company shall maintain company regulations and implement safety measures to avoid leaks of personal information or troubles of illegal falsification.
  4. 4. Confidentiality
    Data and materials received through inquiries shall be strictly managed within the Company with full attention to avoid leaks. They shall never be disclosed to a third party regardless of the data format of information acquired. However, information may be disclosed if legally requested by a public institution such as a court and police.
  5. 5. SSL (Secure Socket Layer)
    The Site adopts SSL-encrypted communication for secure transmission of information provided by customers.

Viewing environment

1. Browser

Operation of the Site has been confirmed with the following browsers.

• Google Chrome (latest version)
• Firefox (latest version)
• Microsoft Edge (latest version)
• Safari (latest version)

2. JavaScript

The Site uses JavaScript and CSS (style sheet). Please activate JavaScript in your browser setting before viewing.

Copyrights to various information as well as photographs, illustration, design, etc. listed in the Site shall belong to the Company. They shall not be reproduced, duplicated, printed, or publicly transmitted for distribution without permission of the Company, unless stipulated otherwise by the Copyright Act.
Company names, product names, etc. listed in the Site are trademarks or registered trademarks of each company. Indication of “TM” or “R(R)” marks are omitted in the Site.
If establishing a link to the Site, please notify the Company of the operating body of the site as the link source, the purpose, URL of the link source, etc. in advance. Please use the top page of the Site as the link destination in principle.
The Company shall have nothing to do with or have no responsibility with the content or services in websites other than the Site that are linked from the Site. Adequacy and accuracy of information or data listed in the Site shall be judged by customers on their own, and the Company shall bear no responsibility.
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