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FLOWProduct/technology introduction process


Contact us

First, feel free to contact us with your inquiry.
We can help while you take that first step in considering whether to introduce products or technologies.



Tell us about your usage environment and other requirements so that we can help you choose filters and equipment that meet your needs and preferences.

If there is anything you are unclear about or would like a more expert opinion on, our technical staff can meet with you directly to conduct a range of on-site examination.


Plan proposal and estimate

Based on your usage requirements, we select and design the perfect filters and equipment from a wide product lineup, incorporating them into a plan proposal accompanied by a cost estimate.



We perform installation under the supervision/observation of the project manager. We prepare detailed blueprints in advance as necessary. We can also carry out environmental measurements before and after installation and provide a report upon completion of installation.


Follow-up service

From consultation about a possible drop in performance to requesting periodic check-ups every few years after installation, you can count on us for follow-up service.

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